Products/Industries Served

Aluminum Industry
• Rotors & Shafts
• Canisters
• Fluxing Tubes
• Disperser Heads
Graphite rotors, impellers and shafts
Electronic Industry
• Boats
• Crucibles
• Seed Holders
• Crystal Growing
graphite boats
Foundry Industry
• Susceptors
• Heating Rods
• Skimmer Paddles
• Plunging Bells
machined graphite susceptors
Metallurgical Industry
• Molds
• Crucibles
• Pusher Blocks
• Injectors
Graphite molds
Quartz Industry
• Electrodes
• Ball Swivels
• Toolings
• Boule Dome Liners
graphite electrodes
Vacuum Furnace

• Heating Elements
• Bolts & Connectors
• Hearth Rails
• Furnace Linings
Graphite heating elements

GMI has over 30 years of experience in a wide variety of applications in the aluminum, electronics, foundry, metallurgical, quartz, and vacuum furnace industries. This extensive experience and technical know-how enables us to provide cost-effective solutions to even the most difficult machining requirements. We can handle your carbon and graphite parts from prototypes to long production runs.

In addition to machining, GMI offers high temperature purification services through our sister company Advanced Carbon Technologies, Inc.including:

  • Halogen purification
  • Pyrolytic graphite


















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