Graphite & Carbon Machining at the Highest Level

Graphite, carbon and composite machining and fabricating
  • Graphite, Carbon & Graphite Composites
  • Diversified Graphite Inventory
  • Automated State-of-the-Art CNC Machining & Turning Centers
  • Prototypes, Short & Long Production Runs

Graphite Machining, Inc. (GMI) is one of the major graphite machining companies in North America. We offer high quality, precision machining of Graphite, Carbon and Graphite Composites. GMI has extensive experience in a wide variety of applications. We can handle your requirements from drawings to finished parts to custom packaging and shipping. Plus, we use our expertise to help reduce costs along the way.

In addition, GMI offers material treatment services that can significantly extend life of the product including:

  • Oxidation retardation treatment (mono-aluminum phosphate)
  • Halogen purification through our sister company Advanced Carbon Technologies, Inc.

Machining a Wide Range of Sizes
GMI is capable of machining and fabricating graphite and carbon-graphite parts of practically any size from 1/16" in diameter to 24" x 48" x 120", which is the largest graphite manufactured today.

Fabrication of Larger Parts
At GMI, large vent tubes, chimneys, susceptors and retorts are being fabricated from smaller parts. This unique staved design eliminates the need for large diameter feeder stock which often has long lead times.

Graphite heating elements Heating elements measure just a few inches long.

Large diameter susceptors for induction furnaces are produced from solid graphite. Precision machined wedges can be assembled to create vent tubes up to 110" in diameter by 72" long.

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